Norwegian company established in 1919 – turnover 900 million NOK – offices in 10 countries

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Simas IKS

Project: Uninsulated sorting hall
Where: Sogndal
Client: Simas IKS
About project: Uninsulated sorting hall of 690 sqm. with underlying plating. Delivered in 2003
Contract: Sales contract NS3430


SIMAS is an inter-municipal sanitation company incorporated on May 20th, 1994. The owner-municipals Aurland, Balestrand, Høyanger, Leikanger, Luster, Laerdal, Sogndal, Vik and Aardal have about 32.000 inhabitants, of which 12.000 are subscribers. Årdal has its own waste management scheme, so Simas currently handles about 27.000 inhabitants which represents approximately 10.000 subscribers. At the recycling station in Sogndal Hallmaker was chosen as the executing contractor for the construction of the environmental hall because Simas considered that Hallmaker came up with the overall most economical offer.

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