Norwegian company established in 1919 – turnover 900 million NOK – offices in 10 countries

Søk etter innhold


A service agreement with Hallmaker Construction reduces the risk of unexpected costs and downtime of the building. Low and predictable maintenance costs ensures your company’s profitability. The agreement also ensures that the quality and utility of the building is preserved through regular and proper maintenance. This means that the value of the building holds up better, in regards to a possible future sale. You can always feel confident that the building was designed to withstand the climate where the building is located, whether it is self-financed or leased, permanent or temporary buildings. The service agreement ensures that the requirements of the Internal Control Regulations are maintained in a safe, economical and efficient manner. Our professionals are quickly on the way to ensure an effective and proper remediation if something unforeseen should happen. We have a 48-hour warranty to repair damage caused by burglary, water leakage, fire, storm, hurricane, earthquake, collision or other external straining.