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The process of acquiring a building

Contact Hallmaker and we will guide you through the process:
1. We help you with the project development from start to finish.
2. Your needs will drive the best approach to achieve optimal function, quality, economy, and timely completion.
3. We integrate all involved parties in the building process to include Architect, Local Authorities, Technical Consultants, etc.
4. We can show you examples of similar buildings that you might be of interest.
5. We will help you choose the right technical solutions.


Hallmaker works with you through the steps of the building process:
1. Specify functional and technical requirements.
2. Choose contract and project model.
3. Buy or rent?
4. Obtain and evaluate subcontractor bids
5. Review contracts, schedule, and budget
7. Hand over to Project team
8. Sign the contract and start work


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